The company assumes the responsibility that the personal information provided by the user is confidential and is not subject to transfer to a third party. (Except for the shipping company that delivers you the order and which is obliged to protect the confidentiality of such information).

The site will not store your electronic card data as you enter the card information on the bank page to which the site will relocate you and which is an independent web page.

By logging into the site, information is collected by your browser. This can be information such as the IP address of your computer, browser version, time spent on the site, login hours, pages viewed. Your identifying information is not used to process site statistics.

 The company truly values your trust that you agree to the provision of personal information and, respectively, that the information will be protected.

This policy may change over some time, therefore pay attention to it. The changes become effective upon posting on telianiagro.com and have legal effect.